EKTAKTO: American missile storm "swept" with ATACMS the Russian bases in Crimea
and Donetsk The Russians admit heavy losses - A few minutes ago Crimea was hit
by eight ATACMS ballistic missiles and a few hours ago an air defense base in
Donetsk was hit

24-05-2024 | Newsroom | email: info@pronews.gr

A "storm" of American ATACMS missiles hit Russian military facilities in
Crimea.  At least eight missiles were fired from the region north and northwest
of the peninsula, which since 2014 has been incorporated by referendum into
Russia, and an unspecified number penetrated Russian air defenses and hit their
targets.  A launch of 8 ATACMS Missiles on Crimea by Ukraine reported 🇺🇦 has
been, the video below shows 8 ATACMS missiles being launched towards Crimea.

Ukraine Battle Map (@ukraine_map) May 23, 2024

As can be seen in the video below, Russian anti-ballistic missiles tried to
intercept them, but their success rate is not known.  🇺🇦🚀🇷🇺💥 Multiple
ATACMS exploding in #Crimea . ‼️ Footage recorded from 44.672225,34.415555

📍Maimunka News (@MaimunkaNews) May 23, 2024

The video shows four explosions from what appears to be an equal number of US
missiles hitting a specific target with remarkable accuracy.  Also yesterday,
five US ATACMS missiles were fired at a Russian anti-aircraft battery in
Mospino, Donetsk, and the Russians admitted they had taken heavy casualties.
Specifically: 2 quadruple S-300/400 air defense missile launchers destroyed One
S-300/400 air defense missile launcher was damaged Radar 96L6E destroyed The
control point of the S-300/400 air defense system was destroyed.  😱 Hohols
destroyed Russian air defense in Mospino DPR ‼️ The airport is located in the
eastern part of Donetsk. Yesterday 5 ATACAMS missiles hit there, leaving behind
a burnt field.

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