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Dead, after an attack he received inside the prison, is the infamous serial
killer Robert Picton, who murdered 49 women in Canada and fed victims to pigs.

Robert Picton died in a Canadian hospital on Friday (31-05-2024), after he was
attacked on May 19 by another inmate.  Serial killer Robert Picton dead, the
74-year-old was sentenced in 2007 to life imprisonment for the murder of 26
women but the victims may have been many more.  It was 22 years ago that police
began searching Picton's farm in suburban Port Coquitlam as part of a
multi-year investigation into the disappearances of dozens of Vancouver women.

After the searches on his property, the remains or the DNA of 33 women were
found, while he had told a police officer that he had murdered a total of 49
women.  At the serial killer's trial, a prosecution witness testified that
Picton told him that he first strangled his victims and then fed their remains
to pigs on his farm.

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