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Twelve US companies are being prosecuted and their top executives will be
arrested if they enter China, Hong Kong and Macau.

China recently announced heavy sanctions on 12 US defense companies and 10 of
their executives in response to US arms sales to Taiwan and sanctions against
Chinese companies that the US says are helping Russia in its war in Ukraine.
Companies include Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Iron Mountain Solutions and
Applied Technologies Group.

The assets of these companies in China will be "frozen", while their executives
will not be able to enter the countries of China, Hong Kong and Macau.  China's
foreign ministry said the US is ignoring China's "fair and objective stance"
on the war in Ukraine and is imposing "indiscriminate" sanctions on Chinese
entities.  At the same time, he condemned arms sales to Taiwan, accusing the US
of interfering in its internal affairs and undermining China's sovereignty and
territorial integrity.  However, this move is a clear reaction to US policy and
is part of the broader context of geopolitical tensions between the two
countries.  China views recent US arms sales to Taiwan as a "blatant violation" 
of the "One China" principle.  Those sales include a $300 million military
package approved last December that includes equipment, training and maintenance
for Taiwan's command and control capabilities.  Taiwan, according to China, is a
"breakaway province".

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