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In testimony before the House Committee on the Corona-virus Pandemic, Fauci
admitted that the two-meter distance rules "came out of the blue" and that he
did not recall any studies supporting the directive.

Specifically, he said: "I don't remember, it just appeared." Regarding mask use
for children, Dr. Fauci said he "doesn't recall" reading any studies suggesting
that mask use by children would prevent the transmission of COVID.  In
addition, he admitted that no after-the-fact studies have followed up on the
effects of mandatory mask use on children. The effects of these measures on
children are well documented, with studies showing negative consequences for
their education and social development. A National Institutes of Health (NIH)
study reported that mask use had a "very negative" effect on children's
learning and handwriting development.

Dr. Fauci also admitted that the lab leak theory of the origin of COVID is a
"real possibility." This admission comes four years after he advocated for the
publication of a paper challenging that theory. These revelations are expected
to provoke further questions and criticism of the scientific approach and
decisions made during the pandemic. Fauci will appear before the commission
again on June 3 for further explanations and clarifications.  The release of
these revelations by the Republican committee comes shortly before Fauci's
much-anticipated public testimony, where he is expected to face intense
questioning about the measures he imposed during the pandemic and their

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