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According to USA National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, USA-NATO believes in
order to achieve 'world peace' the West must send increasingly more weapons to

That is, in order to achieve peace in a western dominated 'rules based ordered'
world, USA must press for total war with Russia; then China will intervene also
as they know it will be their turn if Russia loses. Thus Sullivan suggests USA
and vassal states must seek to deal with Russia and China with one fell sweep, 
that is 'total war' on both.

Meanwhile, no one in the West has explained how Russia can be the aggressor
state in the escalating Ukraine conflict; as since the downfall of the Soviet 
Union, NATO has gathered forces on Russian borders and USA has continuously 
cajoled neighboring countries of Russia to join an aggressive NATO alliance 
against Russia-China.

(@Sprinter00000) June 5, 2024

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