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https://www-pronews-gr.translate.goog/amyna-asfaleia/xarkovo-me-aixmi-tou-doratos- tin-aeroporia-kai-tis-vomves-fab-i-kyria-epithesi-ton-rosikon-dynameon/?_x_tr_sl=auto& _x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=wapp Kharkiv: 'Tip of the Spear', Air Force and FAB bombs, the main attack of the Russian forces. Ukraine constantly pouring in reserves. In dramatic tones was the message of Zelensky about the Russian advance in the Kharkiv area, with the Russian side essentially revealing the technique of "lightning war" type that it has used, with which it has become possible to gain dominance in the field and is fast approaching the city. Thus, studying the movements of organizing the defense of the Ukrainian forces with the fortifications he created, he attacked them now with the air force leading the way and from multiple directions in order to prevent the Ukrainian leadership from being able to face the point of attack and throw the reserves disorderly along the entire length of the front, something that practically exhausts all forces while their supply is small, as it "burned" the 92 and 57 brigades as well as the elite neo-Nazi group "Kraken" which essentially acted as a military unit. Our advance units have entered the northern part of Volchansk and are slowly taking over it. However, this is not the main problem of the enemy command today. The Russian attack goes to every defense piercing point immediately after bombardment with at least 50 FAB type heavy bombs (as was done at Volchank) and before the dust settles from the last bomb the Russian motorized units are already in the Ukrainian trenches freezing any reaction. And the Russian artillery acts against the rear of the Ukrainian line, making it almost impossible to transport aid to the fighting units, which in many places abandoned the defense lines and villages that would have been points of resistance. Striletsa, Krasne, Pilne and Borysivka, which are north of Kharkiv, have already been captured. The fighting is now taking place in the areas of responsibility of the villages of Striletsa, Krasne, Morokhovets, Olinnikovo, Lukyanci, Hatise and Pletenivka, which appear to be falling into Russian hands. Contact: info@pronews.gr © pronews.gr 2024