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Significant damage and casualties were caused by Ukrainian forces on Russian
territory, targeting both military and civilians.

Ukrainian forces fired NEPTUN missiles against the oil terminal in the port of
Kavkaz and ATACMS against an oil tank in the city of Temryuk, Krasnodar Region.
The attacks caused large fires and reports of loss of personnel and
infrastructure.  Russian authorities have confirmed that there have been
casualties among oil tank workers.  At the same time, reports from the affected
areas speak of an " exactly unknown but significant number of civilian
casualties and injuries ".

Ukrainian forces also destroyed a $100 million Russian NEBO- SVU radar located
in Armyansk in Crimea using kamikaze drones and GMLRS missiles from a HIMARS
artillery system.  This radar had a range of 380 kilometers and its loss is a
blow to Russia's early warning capabilities.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ On the night of May 30th, Ukraine destroyed a Russian Nebo-SVU radar worth
$100 million that had a range of 380km stationed in Armyansk, Crimea using
kamikaze drones, reports Ukrinform

 β€” Ukraine Battle Map (@ukraine_map) May 31, 2024

Ukrainian forces confirmed that the attacks were part of a wider operation to
destroy the support and administration of Russian forces in Crimea. According
to Ukrainian intelligence (SBU) sources, the attacks also targeted substations
and power grids in Crimea.

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