According to a survey carried out by British news and opinion website UnHerd.

By Presstv

Israeli soldiers are seen in the war-torn Gaza Strip in this picture released
on January 2, 2024. (via Reuters)

The majority of young British people think that Israel “should not exist”,
blaming the occupying entity for the ongoing genocidal war on the besieged Gaza
Strip, a new opinion poll shows. Released on Wednesday, the survey, carried out
by British news and opinion website UnHerd, suggested that 54 percent of the
18-24 age group in Britain thought the Israel regime “should not exist”
compared with seven percent of 65 and older. “A preliminary finding of an
exclusive survey of 1,012 voters about foreign policy, conducted by Focaldata
and due to be released tomorrow on UnHerd, found that a striking 54% of the
18-24 age group agreed with the statement that ”the Israel regime should not

According to the new polling, 50 percent of the age group also blamed the
occupying regime for the ongoing violence in the war-torn Palestinian enclave.
Back in December, a poll suggested that 51 percent of Americans between the
ages of 18 and 24 believed the key solution to bring a close to the
Israel-Palestinian conflict was for “Israel to be ended and given to Hamas and
the Palestinians.” Israel’s bloody war machine has killed over 36,500
Palestinians since October 7, 2023. The vast majority of the fatalities are
women and children. The savage campaign was launched after Hamas carried out
its historic Operation Al-Aqsa Storm against the usurping entity in retaliation
for the regime’s intensified atrocities. Israel has additionally enforced a
comprehensive blockade on the coastal sliver, severing the supply of fuel,
electricity, sustenance and water to the population of over two million
Palestinians residing there.

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