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A move he had planned to make in September 2022 as well, but the recapture of
the region by the successful Ukrainian counteroffensive had thwarted it, as no
more than 10% of the region remained under Russian control.  "In the near
future," Gadchev added, "the population of the Kharkiv region should be given
the opportunity to speak and determine in which country they want to live.
First of all, the population of the Kharkiv region must be given the opportunity
to speak because we understand very well what kind of politics is being
practiced in Ukraine.  Therefore, our task is to give people the opportunity to
speak, and then the population of the Kharkiv region will decide how they see
our future." summarized the head of the regional administration Gadchev.  The
referendum will take place in early autumn at the latest, so Russia expects to
control the city of the same name until then.

The incorporation of Kharkiv, after Kherson (its south-southeast region),
(southern) Zaporizhia, Donetsk and Lugansk, which took place through referendums
in September 2022, will result in the absorption of almost all Russian-speaking
regions of old Ukraine.  Only Odessa and part of Sumy remain from the areas
where the Russian element is in the majority, still under Ukrainian control.
The Russian head of the Kharkiv Military Administration has called for a
referendum on the inclusion of the Kharkiv People's Republic into the Russian
Federation, as the aggressive move about two weeks ago has already yielded about
300 square kilometers of control to Russia, while the Russian Army is about 14
km, from the city's critical Regional Road.  "In total, Russian troops liberated
49 towns and villages and settlements in this region," Vitaly Gadchev, head of
the Kharkiv Military Civil Administration, told reporters, while 36 towns and
villages were liberated by the Russian Armed Forces during the advance towards

We have noted that it is urgent for Russia to control the Kharkiv region, mainly
for economic reasons: The planning of the Russian Ministry of Finance envisages
starting the economies of the regions of New Russia next autumn, but for this to
happen, the control of the railway lines that pass through Kharkiv to be
controlled by Moscow.  The railway lines to Donetsk and Lugansk only pass
through Kharkiv as the Ukrainians destroyed the railway networks connecting
these areas with Russia between 2016-2022 and left only the Kharkiv-Russia rail
link intact.  Without this happening it will not be possible to trade products
and develop the regions, which is urgent for many reasons: The region from
Kharkiv to Kherson will give more than 10% boost to the Russian economy and
their population will be relieved from 2.5 years of continuous combat engagement
that followed the 2014-2015 war.

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